Monday Reflection


We all arrived safely. First job was to drop our bags at our accommodation. Once completed we all made our way to the outdoor centre. Keith the owner of Craggan Outdoors introduced himself and his staff team, he then divided us into 4 teams. We are all named after mountains: Cairngorm, MacDui, Lomond and Nevis. Throughout the day we are competing for Craggan points. As well as gaining points through winning competitions and games you can also be awarded points for acts of kindness, team work and courage.

We had lunch, enjoying the last of our home comforts, then it was into our first activity! Lomond attempted the High Ropes where Miss McPherson completed the leap of faith!!

MacDui tested their strength and head for heights by rock climbing up and Mrs Snedden made it the top with ease!

Cairngorm put their knot tying skills to the test by building their own raft and setting sail across the pond. Miss Leakey led the team in organised chaos by soaking the kayakers with some monstrous splashing!!

Nevis team were like ducks to water gliding along on their kayaks until they capsized and found themselves paddling like mad. Some were brave enough to slide down the big shoot into the murky water! Miss Hutcheson did not capsize but the instructor tipped a HUGE bucket of freezing water over her.

Monday’s evening activity was Mini Highland Games. It was really fun, we got to try different activities. I didn’t really know limbo was a highland games activity. At the very start of the evening we split up into four teams and we choreographed 4 different chants. We then had to perform them in front of everyone else. Nevis got 5 points for scariest chant and Cairngorm got 5 points for best dance moves. Struan.

Tuesday Reflection

P7 had a fantastic day yesterday. The weather held out for us with just one or two very light showers! Yesterday each group took part in two different activities. Throughout the week everyone will have a turn at all eight activities. Here are a few thoughts and highlights from Yesterday:

High Ropes

The leap of faith is scary but worth it because you feel such accomplishment! Katie.

I enjoyed Jacob’s ladder because it was a really big challenge. Struan, Kieran and I managed to work together and pull through as a team. William

My highlight was the High Ropes. Last time I did the high ropes (at Landmark) I was rubbish. This time they supported me and Rhianna and Susan through the Jacob’s Ladder. Anu


To help us learn about aiming the arrow we played a game thinking about the different things you need to make a yummy cake: blue for water, white for flour, black for a burnt cake, red for the heat you need to bake your cake and yellow represented the eggs you would add to the mixture. We also learnt how to hold and collect the arrows safely. Katie.

The key is to stay focused and listen really carefully so you don’t injure yourself. Sharleen.

Raft Building

Building the rafts was hard work but I enjoyed it as I learnt how to do square lashings, half-hitches and a figure of eight knot. Luke

 I liked the raft building and felt proud when it didn’t sink. It was really good fun racing in our rafts to collect all the ducks. Freya

Gorge Walking

I really liked climbing up the double waterfall. It was quite tricky at first but then we got the hang of it. We’d to use a lot of team work to help each other. Sharleen.

I liked having to keep partying in the rave cave to keep warm. Charlie L

Rock Climbing

I enjoyed the rock climbing because it was really good fun and I felt quite proud when I got to top of the difficult one. Freya

As you will know Tuesday is P7’s P.E. day. Mrs Brown found herself at a bit of a loose end so she decided to come and join us for the day. Mrs Brown took part in gorge walking and the high ropes challenge. She was pushed out of her comfort zone but was a truly excellent sport. She even took on the final challenge of jumping off a rather large cliff into a very deep, ice-cold river pool.

For our evening activities we gathered in the Nethy Village Park and learnt how to play Frisbee Golf. This activity was fantastic! P7 enjoyed it so much we plan on taking it back to MOL to teach our P1 buddies.