It’s hard to believe we’re already here at Day 4 of our amazing adventure together at Craggan. New for us on days 3 and 4 has been the mountain biking and bushcraft which have both been very popular. Some really enjoyed the high speed thrill and techniques of the trails; others loved learning about (and sampling) edible plants which grow natively in this country, drinking pine and spruce tea and sitting by the fire eating warm fresh-baked bread cooked on the embers of the fire – yum!

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Mateer who arrived yesterday in time for some kayaking action on the loch. Yesterday’s evening activity was a natural art competition. Lots of children commented on enjoying just being out in the woods, having a chance to explore and be creative. Congratulations to team Lomond who won the competition for their creativity, narration and teamwork.

It’s too close to call at this stage which of the four teams will come out triumphant tomorrow but what we can say for certain is that the pupils of Milton of Leys have once more been absolute stars for being prepared to give everything their best shot, working together to help each other and having fun. We are very proud of our P7s.