Tonight has been a brilliant evening with a BBQ, birthday and games together at Ardenbeg. The sun has shone and it has been an ideal way to end our trip together as a year group. We also enjoyed some delicious cake to celebrate Luke, Joe and Sharleen’s birthdays this week – thank you!

The children have continued to have a fabulous time right through to the end of the week. Tomorrow you’ll be able to ask them about their highlights and achievements. Throughout the week, the children have spoken a lot about their sense of accomplishment and how proud they are of what they have achieved. They have been so reflective and supportive of each other – and of course had lots of fun along the way!

Here are some more of the pupils’ own comments:

I enjoyed eating all the different leaves at bushcraft today. I didn’t know you could eat all of them. I loved the pine needles and ate all of them! It was fun making a fire with Jonathan too. Jack H

I liked the gorge walking, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but when I got in the water I felt quite fine; the fun bit was going up the waterfall. Duncan

When I got up the ladder at the leap of faith, I thought: Why I am doing this? I was so scared but everyone was encouraging me and I made it. I am really proud of what I have done today. Darren

I really enjoyed the rock climbing. I was worried I would be the first to fail but I did even better than I thought I would. It was a great feeling. Jack R

Once back, we’ll make good use of all the fantastic pictures taken over the course of the week to create videos to share with you at our P7 leavers’ service at the end of term. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below. We apologise for the technical difficulties uploading posts on this residential trip but hope families have been able to view some shots of the children during the week. A massive thank you to the Craggan instructors for their time, patience and skill with the pupils, to the teachers for their commitment to every aspect of the trip, and of course to the children for making it such a success – you are stars!

Goodbye from Craggan 2016…